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Kerrang! Hall Of Fame

Sponsored by Island Records

Presented by Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) and Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)

The Kerrang! Hall Of Fame award, presented by Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow and Lacuna Coil's Christina Scabbia and sponsored by Island Records, went to long-standing metal titans Slayer for their inspiration and bludgeoning innovation over the last two decades. Forming in the same year that Kerrang! first hit the shops, Slayer have been integral to the development in metal over the last quarter of a century. 1986's Reign In Blood album was called 'the heaviest album of all time by Kerrang!, and twenty years on the band are still going strong - working once again with legendary producer Rick Rubin for their new album Christ Illusion. Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hanneman have been finally honoured by the magazine that has followed them from their beginnings right up to 2006.



bring on november 3rd

hmmmm ok


more evidence that the only winners of the awards that deserve it are not the ones voted by the public ROCK ON SLAYER



OOH YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO COME ON SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although far from my type of music. Good on them, they are legends of music.

slayer!! get in

slayer=best band in the whole fucking world, not my chemical shite or gayden!

its about MEGADETH got this award

mcr best band of the planet?

mcr is a pure shit
him was never stopping being better than anybody know i
Mcr is a pure marketing hahahaha xD

mcr are crap trivium should have one that by far or lacuna coil

mcr n lostprophets kick fukin ass

very good choice....they are fukin legends in there own rite......AV ITTTTTTT

I think this Kerrang awards were shit how come The Red Hot Chili Peppers nominated? They are ten times more talented than any of these crappy bands (evan MCR who I don't mind but they're not THE BEST BAND ON THE PLANET!) Anyway the only good decision this year was making Angus Young a Kerrang Legend

YEAH SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slayer ar ok dnt really listen to em :D

slayer are fucking aewsome. most evil band of all tym n i love em !! SLAYER 4 DOWNLOAD 07 !!

Slayer well deserve this and MUST be given a headline spot for Download 2007, even if it's in the 2nd tent. Bands such as MCR, Lost Prophets, Trivium and Bullet certainly deserve their place in the spotlight, but will they be collecting Hall of Fame awards in 20 years? I have my doubts....

Dont Like These Guys, Should Of Been Megadeth Or Metallica. Have They Nothing Better To Do Than Slag Off God For The Last Twenty Years O.O Poor Satan.

about fuckin' time too.

Megadeth next year.

: ) I like what I see

Slayer are one of the worst bands on the planet...They truly suck..

Then you, my friend, are wussy dickweed with tiny balls. Slayer is one of the best meta....no best bands ever. If you don't like it, go put on a dress, and watch the Village People in concert.

All you people who think MCR is a good band, then you can join fruitcake over here.

p.s. Trivium and Bullet For MY Valentine are HIM wanna bees.

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